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Sascha Jenschewski, aka “Tax, The Rich”, was born in 1978 in Bayer City, Germany. From his early age he loved to draw and build objects with his own hands. Like every true Eighties kid, he was a keen Star Wars fan; he devised spaceship models and started to develop a lifelong interest for computers, electronics and radio controlled aircraft – the first working aircraft he built were often bigger than himself. He loved to fly them in the streets of Dusseldorf to pull pranks on passing pedestrians by filming them with a hidden camera.

His passions later lead him to develop an interest in media and industrial design: he studied at the Industrial design & media school in cologne, and for his diploma he created an innovative and professional internet-TV series, the first about at the time in Germany.

At the same time he started to be interested in 3D, graphics, multimedia and Film at an expert level, working as a graphic artist, art director and photographer for the most important national advertising and fashion agencies.

In 2009 he founded the U-FILM Production Inc. (GmbH). For the next 10 years, he realised various consumer product videos and advertisements as well as dealing with increased virtual reality simulations in the fields of technology, 3d apps and education. Constantly at the cutting edge of the most innovative technologies, such as 3d-VR, motion trackers, stereoscopic touchscreen projections, he also invented new hardware-enhancing software systems and improves existing ones, striving to make man-machine interaction a more immersive and natural experience.

During this whole time he continued his film producing career, producing music videos and short films.In 2008 he was invited by the Film Festival Cologne and awarded with the Future TV Award, for producing outstanding webseries and webisode content.

Over the years, he has produced several industrial- music- and advertising videos as director, director of photography, 3d artist and video editor.

In 2012 he produced the full feature film “Landliebe” that eventually lead into theatrical release at Cinemas in 2013. The film is still available at different video streaming platforms such as amazon prime.

In april 2022 he founded the “Tax, the Rich” Inc. (GmbH) to follow another everlasting love, historic and modern high performance sports cars. Aquiring and restoration is the companys main focus.

As for the love to cutting edge technology he moved on and since the raise of AI and artificial imagery he created multiple music videos and film clips by using self developed methods in stable diffusion, gen2AI and other generative AI technologies.

“This is the way”

Sascha Jenschewski